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The FREE ForexSM Membership enables access to the ForexSM Public Blog and the ForexSM Forum.

The ForexSM FOREX trading methodology has been designed by experienced and successful FOREX traders with a view to providing low cost and effective training and support to new and experienced FOREX traders.

The FREE ForexSM Membership is the first of a total of five membership levels described here.

More details of each ForexSM Membership Level are available below:

The ForexSM Chart Training Room
The ForexSM Mentor Program
The ForexSM Demo Account Trading Club
The ForexSM Live Account Trading Club

Members of the above ForexSM Membership Levels will learn:

FOREX Trading Platform Set Up
FOREX Chart & Indicators Set Up
FOREX Chart Time Frame Analysis
FOREX Support & Resistance Levels
FOREX Trade Entry & Exit Parameters
FOREX Risk & Reward Management
FOREX Session Management
FOREX Trading Psychology

ForexSM members wishing to escalate their FOREX trading training from Free Membership directly to the ForexSM Live Account Trading Club may sign up for the ForexSM Mentor Program, which provides for 3 months of one-on-one FOREX trading training.

The link to the ForexSM Training & Trading Rooms will not be available until the 1st November 2015.

The ForexSM Team

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