Welcome to the ForexSM Membership Sign Up Page.

We offer 5 levels of Membership:

Progression through the 5 levels is in a structured fashion to ensure that the members in each level have the training necessary to participate fully in the respective level.

Apart from Free Membership, which limits access to the ForexSM Blog posts and the ForexSM Forum. ForexSM membership levels, 1, 2, 3 & 4 below each have a minimum membership time-scale requirement of 3 months, after which each member may upgrade to the next level. The reason we have introduced this membership hierarchy policy, is to ensure that the members in each level have the experience necessary to participate in the level, without disrupting the activities of the members subscribed to the level.

If any individual feels that he/she already has sufficient trading experience to access a specific level without progression then he/she should email "membership@forexsm.com" detailing why the entry level desired is appropriate. The reasoning in the email will discussed within the ForexSM Team and a decision to allow/disallow the higher level entry will be advised to the applicant by email.

Level 0. Free Membership
This membership level grants free access to the ForexSM Public Blog posts where you will find information about Trading with The Smart Money.

Level 1. Chart Training Room Membership
This membership level enables access to the "ForexSM Chart Training Room" where we conduct Group Forex Trading Education using live demo data on live charts. The information provided is based upon the strategies developed by the founders and gained in profitable Forex trading.

Chart Training Room Sessions are run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am EST (2:00 pm GMT) to 11:00 am EST (4:00 pm GMT).

Level 2. Demo Account Trading Club Membership
This membership level enables access to the "ForexSM Demo Account Trade Club Room" where we conduct Group Live Forex Trading on live charts on demo accounts. Each demo account trade entry is discussed and entered as a group.

Demo Account Trade Room Sessions are run on Wednesdays and Fridays for 9:00 am EST (2:00 pm GMT) to 11:00 am EST (4:00 pm GMT).

Level 3. Mentor Program Membership
This membership level enables access to the "ForexSM Mentor Program", under which members receive one on one tuition for one hour per day Monday through Friday at agreed time slots.

Level 4. Live Account Trade Club Membership
This membership level enables access to the "ForexSM Live Account Trade Club" where we conduct Group Live Forex Trading on live charts on live trading accounts. Each live account trade entry is discussed and entered as a group.

Live Account Trading Club Sessions are run on Monday through Friday from 08:00 am EST (1:00 pm GMT) to 12:00 Noon EST (5:00 pm GMT).

All membership levels are planned to launch on the 1st November 2015.

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