Welcome to ForexSM!

ForexSM was founded for one simple reason, because I failed to find a holistic trading strategy that delivered consistent profit and suited my FOREX trading personality and style. Having started out trading FOREX as a total newbie I found that the FOREX education industry is full of frauds making claims to success, that cannot be replicated in actual trading. All but a very few of the so called FOREX trading educational experts are only able to talk newbies through historic data, explaining entries and exits they claim to have made using their strategies, which they then sell to newbies as a FOREX training course.

Why I Trade FOREX?
As my two current companies are run by competent managing directors, managers and staff, I found myself less and less involved in the day to day operation of the two companies and started looking into FOREX for two reasons:

1. To provide a long term income source for myself after my approaching retirement and;
2. To enable me to train my very capable debt recovery team to trade FOREX once the debt recovery company eventually closes down in a few years.
3. FOREX trading provides the best possible return on capital invested I have ever found in any business venture.

Is FOREX Profitable?
Provided that you know how to trade profitably, FOREX delivers a higher return on capital employed, on a substantially lower investment, at substantially lower risk than operating a debt recovery company and a manufacturing & retail brand operation as I do. The same applies to the other businesses I have owned spanning my 40 year working life, an import export company in the '80s and a construction company with 260 contractors for 9 years in the '80s.and '90s.

As an example, if you were operating a import export company and brand retail company, just as I currently do, you have to cover the cost of product acquisition or manufacture, warehousing, stock, admin staff, offices, you have to pay for logistics, sales personnel, advertising, distribution and a host of other business expenses such as accountants, software, servers, web design etc., to make around 8% to 10% profit after taxes, provided that you have the necessary experience and capital to pull it all together. The risks in such traditional businesses are high, stock depreciation, products not being accepted in the market, the high personnel, logistics and operating costs, additionally your business is impacted by the seasonal fluctuations of the retail market, all risky enough without the ever recurring added risk of recessions.

I want ForexSM to be more than a FOREX educational website - I want to teach budding FOREX traders to build their FOREX trading as a business. There are so many factors that will determine whether a new FOREX trader becomes profitable or fails. It is not just about a trading strategy, entries and exits of a trade.

Treat FOREX trading as a business that you will run, with a solid understanding of the markets, working capital, professional tools, hard work, focus, and dedication. Just as in any traditional business there are no short cuts to success.

So come along for the ride. Register for free and join us on a journey that will ensure you become successful in operating a FOREX trading business.

I hope to be able to welcome you in our Forum, in our Demo and Live Trading Rooms in due course

The very best in trading success........

John Morrison
Founder ForexSM